I have survived the military month

So far, living at the university dormitory has been fine with me because there is not much different from living at home: good living conditions, delicious food, and friends are just around. But when I was having my military month, oh no! It was awesome!!! – being sarcastic.

I was September 2012 when I officially left my home to go to university. This was the beginning of a brand new experience I will ever have in my life, living away from home. It has been a year since then and I have got used to this new life. With lots of memories and exciting things, the military month, I thought that it is the most memorable and unforgettable time when I first got in FU.

My first few days were so bad. I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t take a shower, and I couldn’t even go to the toilet. The instructors kept gathering us all the time. If we were absent, we would be punished (cleaning the toilet). Although we were allowed to use the bath room (with fee!!!), there were still a chance that I would be called at the middle of my shower. I couldn’t even step in the toilet because it was so awfully dirty. I felt completely tired. A month seemed to be so long.


However, things had gotten better when I got used to it. The teachers usually called us at a fixed time. I was able to make use of my free time to take a shower without worrying that I would be absent and be punished. The toilet problem was solved easily: we weren’t called after lunch time, so instead of going back to my room right after having lunch, I stayed out and used the toilet of nearby houses for 2000/3000 VND each time (there is even a toilet service, can you imagine that???), almost every day. I called this costly prevention. My brain was just used to figure out what time to take a shower and whether is it reasonable to go to the toilet or not?

One month seemed to be so long at first, but with my tight schedule, it lasted shorter than I thougt. The schedule could make me feel tired, but I wasn’t bored. I had Vovinam class, played sports, watched the made-by-student shows, had my own performances, and I also participated in some competitions. I even donated my blood and used real gun with real bullets for the first time! AWESOME!!! When I noticed the time, there were only a few days left in the camp. I gained at least 5 kilos, had quite a good time with my friends, and had a chance to test my survival skill.

Military month is an experience I will never forget.


(Theo Cóc Đọc số 54)