Summer Comes, Classes are almost all done


Suddenly, summer comes to me.

Now I see sun shines brightly

Everywhere, on the roofs, on the trees,

On my heart and clear my moody.


Summer comes so I realize

It’s about time to say a goodbye

To school, books and the old sky.

Here I come, a new paradise.


Together, me and my friends

We will have much time to spend

And also a lot of plans

To discover many strange lands

Go to the beach, play with the sand

Stand up and make a couple of dance

Or just use our hands to make a sweet flan

Believe me

Summer is great at first glance.


Pack up your bag and prepare for this holiday

Try your best to enjoy and play

And finally, I promise you will say:

“Summer are my best days.”


 (Theo Cóc Đọc số 50)