Our Vietnamese teacher

This year we had the pleasure of having to get to know Mrs. Nguyen Thi Minh Trang - an ordinary women at FPT University in Da Nang campus, who may look like any librarian of a university over the world. As we know, Mrs. Trang, however, is an amazing librarian. She is no ordinary librarian as she is also our teacher and coordinator.Ever since our first meeting, she has been very helpful in every situation; solving any problems that we face and easing us of any concerns. Through her supportive character, she has been a pleasure to be around despite the fact that the projects we are currently involved in are not in her area of expertise but she has always given us the time of day. Not to mention that she is a very skillful woman where she teaches us the Vietnamese Language. It also helps that she is bilingual in both Vietnamese and in English and whenever there were times when we were down oreven were demotivated, her winning smile and her winning attitude kept us going. Living in a strange place may easily get you down by many reasons as language barrier and different religion and culture. First landing in Da Nang city, we used to think this place would be our heaven with stunning beaches and sightseeing, however the things changed and strikes us with many difficulties. Our teacher, with her warm support and tolerance, helps us at any time which seems to draw us back to our dreamed heaven and let us make the most of this extensive experience in Vietnam.truong-thpt-fpt-danh-nhieu-hoc-bong-gia-tri-de-chieu-mo-hoc-sinh-xuat-sacLearning a different language can be difficult, not mention that learning Vietnamese is absolutely a challenge for us to handle. Although Ms. Trang is a brilliant librarian, she still goes out of her way to teach us her mother tongue by heart. She has made learning Vietnameseenjoyable and fun which has made it easy for her to teach as well as eagerfor us to learn. Furthermore, we are also taught to how have proper attitude to local people as we are all faith of Muslim that is unseen in Vietnam. By her Vietnamese lesson, we now not only understand part of people’s live, but also can deliver simple conversations with the locals such as making order in Vietnamese at a restaurant. It shows us that the friendlier you are, the more Vietnamese friends you will get and your life here would be more fabulous having them. We are very appreciative of all the things that she has been doing for us so far.As a student living far away from home, she is like a mother-figure to us all. She is always concerned about our well-being as she has been caring for us the moment we arrived. When we need assistance, she is always there and is easy to approach. It is easy to love Mrs. Trang as her genuine, loving, kind and caring personality touches our hearts.She is the best teacher we could have ever hoped forand we wish her a very happy teacher’s day.

(Theo Cóc Đọc số 67)