The absorbed experiences abroad

The Philippines is known as the country of island because there are many attractive beaches and bays. The country is also one of the best environments for learning English in Asia because most Filipinos can understand English which is one of the core languages in the Philippines. To produce students with a great environment for developing English skills, FPT University decided to cooperate with University of Perpetual Help System (UPHSL) which has 8 campuses in the Philippines.I’m one of students who are so lucky to learn in the Philippines. We came to the Philippines on April when it is a dry season. In this time, it’s very sunny and it rarely rains, especially there are no hurricanes but it seems hotter than in Viet Nam. It is a good time to visit historical and tourist attractions because of the good weather.summer-getaway-in-philippinesIt is the first time I went overseas, everything is strange so I’m so worried about how I communicate with people, how to avoid actions against their norms and values. The first week seemed so long, I felt exhausted because of the difference in life between Viet Nam and the Philippines. It’s also difficult to listen to the English of other people; I had to guess the meaning of some words in sentences. I was disappointed about my English level, but from that time I realized that learning English is not only by simply reading English books, English is a subject that can be learnt by real life experiences so I have to keep practicing English with others every day.  The first time I talked with the people here, my pronunciation was not good so I had to repeat three or four times to make my sentences clear and after that I can remember how to pronounce words. When I listened to people, I asked them to write down the words that I can’t comprehend. I knew it’s so inconvenient, but that is an effective way for me to improve my English skills and for you too. Don’t be shy when you are talking in English; let’s use different ways to learn English as long as you feel comfortable.the-third-batch-of-students-studying-english-summit-2-in-the-philippinesWe had a chance to enjoy the holy week which is one of the most widely celebrated holidays. The week is celebrated with many activities that show the strong faith of the Filipinos to their God. Holy week is the time when they commemorate the death of Jesus Christ, who after 3 days resurrected from death. Most Filipinos refrain from activities such as drinking alcohol, eating meat and intercourse with their partners in that time because they believe it is a time for fasting. Although we don’t know the significance of this week, we joined them as passionate visitors.In UPHSL, We do not only learn English but also have many extracurricular activities such as study tour, home room activities, etc. Particularly, to commemorate Hung kings who are the ancestors of Vietnamese people. We organized the festival to introduce Vietnamese culture to students in UPHSL.We learned English for 6 weeks which is not a long time but it is enough to get memorable experiences. We had met new friends, who are always willing to help us to get acquainted with the life in Philippines; we received a warm welcome from Filipinos. I believe that this summer is one of the best days; it helped me understand more about the country and people of the Philippines. Furthermore, this is my chance to hone my English ability. If there is an opportunity to go abroad, I would definitely choose the Philippines again.Life is a trip, so do not miss any chance you might have, take your life with enthusiasm and creativity of youth, and one thing for certain, one day you will succeed.


(Theo Cóc Đọc số 50)