A Mama’s Boy Dream

Most people would dream of having a beautiful and a spacious house, a high paying job, a reputation, and of course a significant amount of money. But for me, I have only wished for the presence of my mom in our home, on the dining table, on the graduation ceremonies of my brother and sisters, nephew and niece, in the churches where we used to pray together, in restaurants where we share the blessings we receive and on the floor where we used to sleep, 7 of us together. My mother has been sacrificing not being with her family and has been working abroad since I was 8 years old, to make ends meet and to have enough money for our school fees. I will always remember the very first day she left us for a factory work in Taiwan, I cried and cried and cried till I had no tears to cry. One day she sent us a cassette tape with her message recorded into it. It really burst me into tears listening to my mother’s voice crying, “It’s never easy to work far from you.” From then on, my father has taken my mom’s responsibility; he cooks for us, sends us to school - an all around father. My sister graduated from elementary to university escorted by my father alone. I remember I graduated high school and went to the ceremony alone because my father was on service. I walked to the stage alone and so did my younger sisters. Though being thought to be luckiest child in the family because my mom attended my university graduation, she couldn’t make it in my sisters’ university graduation ceremony, which we all understand why.171264-i-love-you-momMy mom has worked in Hong Kong and now in Canada. She worked as house helper in Hong Kong, humiliated and mistreated by the employer and her family, but still decided to stay to support our family, financially. By the time I entered college, she had just flown to Canada as care-giver, taking care of someone else’s baby. “It feels terrible taking care of someone else’s children knowing the fact that my children need their mom the most”, she exclaimed. I had no other way to humor my mom, so I studied hard at school and pleased her with my excellent scores. Keeping what our mom has imparted on us “We have no wealth, no business or even no house to pass on you, but your education is the only gift that I and your father could give you which could never be stolen by anyone from you.” My sisters and I studied seriously, and has shared our achievements at school with her. She has always been a proud Mama, she said.Now that we have all grown up, we have been missing our mom so badly. I always tell her, “No words could describe how much we miss you!!!” yet she is still in Canada working as a cleaner in a condominium saving up enough money to put up a house where she could settle and grow old. Being away from our mom for almost 20 years of my life is more than enough; she has worked more than too much. And now, I only dream to give the love she has given me back. I dream to cook for her, to prepare her coffee, to clean or even ask someone to clean for her instead, to send her out for family dates, to show how much her kids has grown beautifully and righteously because of her and my father, too. We have fulfilled our parents’ dream, so I guess it’s time my mom realized a dream for me – my dream is to have you again, Mama.

Jet Tonogbanua

(Theo Cóc Đọc số 53)