Run now or never


Finishing the college means different things for different students. Some graduates may be ready to enter the workforce the minute they graduate, while others might find the decision a little more difficult. They even delay planning their own career path but indulge themselves in all night long parties or excite their lives through days of playing online games or depend their moods on the “LIKE” button or emoticons on Facebook, Twitter and so on.

Be quick, be steady or be lazy

Generally, graduates will choose to be a job-hopper, continue their humble job and/or enjoy life soon after their college study ends.

Job-hopping: This is the priority selection for those who want to enrich hands-on experience and income at the same time. It also enables them to figure out their strengths and weaknesses. They will also get the chance to identify if there’s a particular part of the sector they might want to specialize in, or find out if it’s even the right type of work for them.

Comfort zone: Someone may create himself a comfort zone to protect himself in which he has a stable job with medium wages – safe dream, dares not speak up big words – safe saying, have no abnormal acts – safe behaviors. He lives with familiar daily activities, having no striking experiences nor hustle himself into extreme ones.

Enjoy life: It is not an unusual decision for some to spend a period of time for their relaxation after years of hard study. In fact, they deserve a grand party to say goodbye to their lecturers and folks. However, is it worth spending a whole year for that?

You may or may not belong to any of the above-mentioned groups, but you had better consider the following factual issue.


Demanding job market

Today, a great number of students are still obsessed by a world of work depending on degrees and certificates; the more certificates one has, the better. In an article on, the human resources from universities and vocational schools play a vital role in active enterprises. However, employment recruiters found out that a majority of newly grads have failed to apply professional knowledge and necessary skills to practical situations in the company working environment despite years of being trained at the college with outstanding scores. That they underestimate work experience and highly evaluate the so-called top rank or international university diplomas may cause them failure in an interview. In fact, large businesses would almost require at least 2 years of experience by which they hardly meet as fresh graduates. As a result, being rejected for jobs for not having enough experience is the toughest issue you may face as a graduate jobseeker or a first-time employee.

What to do?

What are the grads supposed to do to track in and lead their lives to the fullest? They are probably like a fish out of water and may get a feeling of confusion at the time of graduation and being about to plunge into the world. However, Confucius said, “A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step.” The more confused they are, the more determined they should be to get started. They should confidently make their way into the world with the slogan “keep calm and just go for it”. It can be sure that no one can forget the story about “The Great Wall” of China. That is a story about great courage, absolute determination and untiring perseverance, which has become a prime example for thousands of younger generations to follow. The key advice to all graduates (and those preparing to graduate) is that you should seek work experience. This advice seems like common sense; however, gaining work experience (even if it means working for free) can help you plan your career and gain vital experience in competitive industries. When the time comes to apply for full-time work, your work experience can set you apart from your competitors. Therefore, young people who have just graduated from universities or colleges should get started with any jobs which can bring them experience and wisdom first and sooner or later success will come to those who exercise indomitable will and intrepid daring.

After setting their mind on doing something, the next step is obvious that they should set the very first goals including short-term and long-term goals. Setting goals is just quite the same as looking up the map for the correct direction on Google Map. If you know the direction, you can go very fast, but if you do not know it, you may have to wander around and pull over your motorbike several times just to ask for the correct direction. Therefore, having realistic and concrete goals to follow is a must for any youngster. Let’s try to ask yourself a question about which picture of yourself you would like to look at in the future – a person full of happiness with a decent job, a close-knit family and life-long friends or an image of a person full of failures in life. Surely the question will help enhance your motivation and passion in life.

Travel to discover

One more important thing is that the youth when people have health, time and energy is the best time to travel and explore the world they are living in. As a saying goes, “travelling form a young man”. The farther young people go, the more knowledgeable they are.  Life will become meaningful and worth living only when people dare to go beyond the comfort zone and start their own adventures, and undeniably after each journey, they will understand the world better and broaden their horizons so that they can choose a path they want to pursue to the end. Nowadays, in all over the world, there are so many people who are inspired to travel and even move to remote villages in faraway countries. If you are a big reader, you cannot miss the name “ Huyền Chíp” with a very famous book “Xách ba lô lên và đi”. At the age of 17, she courageously left Vietnam with only 700 US dollars and thanks to her rational decisions, she had very beautiful and memorable experiences in her life which, in my opinion, she cannot forget until the day she holds the last breath. So, what are you waiting for? Just carry your backpack and go, you will find out the truth of your life.

Set your own clear goals, be persistent, and treat yourself once in a while a trip for your sake!


Phan Trí Chứ

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