Take off


In August, the students start school and put their dream wings to a new horizon. Their lives will change, there will be many challenges but the effort to conquer the dream will help them overcome all challenges. You always have the confidence to put the little wings but not weak to the sky high to realize dreams.

Overcoming anxiety about choosing schools, exams to step foot in the college-level university, students continue to ponder on the future career door. What are the indicators for this young intellectual?

Practical experience - Passion oriented

Most students are anxious to find the right direction for themselves in the future.

As young people, passionate but to become a reality, so that learning can be combined with passion to reach new heights, each individual should have experience, is the real experience. for life, for the careers of each student who is engaged in.

Learn how to think and decide for yourself from industry to education. Learn yourself to identify yourself career goals clearly. No one understands himself better than himself. Understand your strengths and weaknesses to maximize your strengths and improve yourself.

"Go to school one day," the more you explore the world out there, the more you will understand the world inside you. Reading the news daily to keep the situation in the country and abroad will help you have more practical knowledge, not backward information. The school library will be an ideal place with quiet, modern electronic reference equipment, a wide variety of books for you to choose from and a variety of newspapers are updated daily.

In today's information age, it's easy to understand the industry with networking. Newspapers and books have also become popular with almost every class of the rich and poor in society. Only by deepening the understanding and determination of academic interests and subjects, students can identify the true and proper way for themselves.

Do not be afraid to challenge yourself, do not be afraid to try, try and reach out for your little wings to get used to the real life. There are no longer days wrapped in everything from parents, you have to stand up with your feet as well as fly with your own wings.

Practice the necessary skills

Targeting skills match

To achieve success in life. Humans need to set goals that match their abilities, their conditions, and the determination to do them.

Appropriate goals will help people live purposefully, appreciate their life and put themselves into meaningful life. Conversely, life becomes tasteless and can lead to loneliness.

Therefore, identifying goals is an important requirement for students. It helps students know their specific desires and try to fulfill their wishes in the time they want. The goal is to help students know what they need to do to achieve their dreams, what resources they need, and from which to know the difficulties and advantages encountered.

Communication skills

According to the theory of active psychology: The nature of human life is the flow of activity from birth to the time of death. Social communication is an important factor contributing to the success of any field. Good communication is the key to 85% success in work.

In everyday life, we often have to communicate with many people, with many objects of different classes. The subtlety and ingenuity in how to deal with people has helped us to achieve an art, communication art.

Be active in "hunting" scholarships and learning support opportunities

There are many sources of support from social organizations, individuals, units for students with scholarships to encourage learning, scholarships for excellent students, scholarships for students with difficulties, scholarships. For students with disabilities, scholarships to study abroad ... You should actively monitor this information in the newsletter, the notice of Student Affairs. In particular, students should regularly visit the university website and on the media at home and abroad to actively capture information about the scholarship. In addition, you will also need to determine the type of scholarship that suits you, from which you will learn the regulations, the types of documentation required in the scholarship application. Be prepared for a complete application to apply for scholarship when the opportunity arises.

Listen to and learn from other people's critiques

It is difficult to accept criticism from others, even if it is constructive criticism. But this is a skill that is important in the learning process as well as the career of the student.

Being calm and having a proper attitude towards criticism is critical, reflecting the attitude of a student. In many cases, employers deliberately criticize, if students are not awake will fool them.

Learn how to be entertained and healthy

Learning goals, work sometimes become the pressure for you. Creating the habits of relaxation and relaxation are the main things that each student should note. Participating in social activities, exercising daily, exchanging with friends, traveling, enjoying art ... are normal activities, familiar to each student. If you know the right schedule, the harmony between learning and entertainment will reduce stress in your life. In particular, you need to be aware of the form of healthy entertainment, appropriate, not to spend time on gambling, alcohol, online games and other social evils. Schools, faculties, Youth Union - Students Association regularly organize and facilitate you to participate in cultural activities, arts, entertainment programs for students.

In addition to the skills that each student should have, besides the practical experience that each student must undergo. The first time students will have a lot to explore, there will be many opportunities so students take off in the way they can, besides it will be the help of the school in creating. The basic foundation for students to take off.

Being a freshman, you may be able to experience this failure again. Do not try to frustrate, but do not want to strive. It is important to always rise up from failure and learn from the mistakes that you made before.

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