“You are evidence of your mother's strength, especially if you are a rebellious knucklehead and regardless she has always maintained her sanity.”

― Criss Jami, Killosophy

Your mom is the only person in this world who loves you unconditionally and never expects anything in return. When life goes upside down, she gets your back.

Have you ever taken your mom’s love for granted?
Let’s listen to these young adults’ stories. Perhaps, you’ll see yourself here and there in those cases.


"No matter how old I get, I always want my mom when I don't feel good."


Whenever I feel unhappy, stressful about something or down in the mouth sometimes, the person I think of first is my mother. I feel really lucky to have her in my life. She is such a caring, loving, sensitive person that she can recognize my sadness in a matter of seconds. She even knew I was happy or not by hearing my voice when we talked on the phone. The way my mom soothes me is a bless. I’ll have exactly the dish I like if she knows I’m in a bad mood. Since she’s the one who takes care of the whole family, there’s just a little time she spends on herself. Now that a 20-year-old me is about to graduate from university and stand on my own two feet, I still want to come home and talk my heart out to her. Because for me, my mother's arms are the best place to cry on.


"I can't do it. He's my son, he's my life and I can't live without him".

She held the announcement on her hand, ran into bedroom and started crying. The  police just announced that her son was arrested when he, together with others, was stealing money from an ATM. The woman who I’ve just mentioned is my neighbor. She is really a miserable woman. Her husband died and left her with their only child named Dang. However he has gone to great lengths, not to console and encourage her mother, but to bring her more grief. Three years ago, he was arrested for drug trafficking by Hanoi police. She even had to sell her motorbike to have enough money as a bailment for him. Given this situation, it was expected that he would change for the better, people believed he would change. Sadly, to everyone's surprise, he continued making mistakes. Last year, he was racing illegally and consequently, he encountered an accident. His mom had to go to Hanoi again to take care of him. No matter how much she has tried and advised him, her son hasn't changed and even gave her more breaks of heart. Now that the son is arrested by police again, many people told her that she should just let it be and let him face the music. But she always says "I can't do it. He's my son, he's my life and I can't live without him".

“Don't give up! You’ve got me darling”

I am going to be a second-year student tomorrow. Looking back at the freshman year, the person who has always been by my side to comfort me and give me encouragement is my mother. During 18 years since my birth, my mom never talked about the difficulties she encountered while raising her children. Mom doesn’t think that “Daughter is the most business loss of parents” like what others usually put it. So, my mom was determined to afford my study at FPT University where tuition fee is seen as one of the most prohibitive in Vietnam. Before I become a sophomore, I thought that I would give up learning there because of financial instability and little self-confidence. My mom and I had a lot of arguments about that. She scolded me and I was really angry with her. One night, mom slept with me, shared with me like my friend, even teased me to laugh. My mom helped me clarify why I should continue as that’s the path to a better future of mine. “Don't give up! You’ve got me darling”, she told me. She said that she would find ways to give me enough tuition fee to continue my study. She chose FPT university for me because she knew that I didn’t want to live so far away from home. I was moved to tears. And my mom always believe that I can make my dream come true. Thanks to mom, I will become a sophomore at my school tomorrow to finish what’s left and more importantly, I want to make her proud.



“Mom just doesn’t get me.”

My mom sometimes doesn’t get me and I always find it hard to connect with her. She is obsolete and very strict. She has a lot of rules and often does not allow me to do many things that people my age can. There were times when our relationship was on the line. She complained so much that I skipped dinner and didn’t even want to talk to her. Another time, I even registered an exchange course and came to Danang for 2 months just not to see her . I couldn’t understand what “her trend” is. However, after 2 months away from home, I changed my mind. I missed home so much, specially mom. When I was alone, I thought a lot about the time with mom. Sometimes she really bothers me, she cares for me so much and always wants me to do what she wants. Furthermore she is strict and compels me to follow her rules. However I know it’s all because she loves me so much and she just wants me to be better.

“Crazy Mom”

“You are psychic like your mother, crazy mother’’ they all said, she has heard that dirty verbal joke every time she picks her child up after school, but she does not understand anything they said. Therefore, as they says she really has a problem. She was a rape victim six years ago, she have had a phobia. Being unable to overcome the pain, she went crazy before her child was born. Rumor had it  that she was not capable enough to be a mother or to raise her daughter. Even her mother decided that it would be better if she let her child adopted by someone else. it just happened. Days passed by, weeks passed by, that poor woman has never given up her hope for finding her beloved daughter again. she going in to every house that has child cry, going to every every place surrounded by children. By some way, she found her daughter after three years of relentless searching in kindergarten. After that, the adopt parents allowed her to pick the child up to school and home. Gradually, she also learned to work to earn money for her child to buy candy. Anyway, I realize that no matter what mother is, no matter what mother does, she still loves child to the moon and back.  

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