The Eye of a Hurricane - Storm and Peace


The Eye of a Hurricane - a strange but also familiar image, lies right in the heart of mother nature’s rage. In this life, will we still be able to find peace in our souls, look into our hearts and cling onto a tiny bit of calmness among the hustle?

Eye of a Hurricane - The Eye of the Devil within nature’s fury

Situated inside the tropical region, near South China Sea - a part of Pacific Ocean, tropical monsoon climate is the prominent feature of Vietnam. As a result, many tropical storms with different intensity approach this country every year. And it is also the reason why ‘The Eye’ is mentioned time and time. Eye of a Hurricane or The Eye is formed in the center of a tropical cyclone or a rapidly rotating storm system. The Eye commonly has a spiral shape with a 40 to 60 kilometers diameter.

When a hurricane takes form, thunderclouds are collected, the storm develops into rains and they start to circle around a point in the middle. If the storm intensifies, stronger convection is created from a certain distance from the center of the cyclone. While thunderstorms and the rains get heavier, atmospheric pressure on the surface decreases, the rain materializes right above the cyclone. This leads to the formation of anticyclone or a high-pressure area above the center of thunderclouds. Hence, most of this air mass surges up the cyclone. Outside the forming Eye, anticyclones from upon pour into the center of the hurricane, push the air to the outflow and cause an incremental effect. However, instead of getting outside, a small part of this air mass pours into the Eye of the storm. This is conducive to such increasing air pressure that the air mass fights against the force of updraft in the center. The air pressure starts to decrease in the center, creating an almost rainless area, a new Eye is formed.

Many people may assume that The Eye is the most destructive when a hurricane passes by, while in reality it is the opposite. The Eye is the calmest area of the storm. The thing that holds the most frightening power and devastation is the part around The Eye called ‘Eye wall’. The faster the air in the Eye wall moves, the stronger the wind gets, creating an enormous centrifugal force which makes it impossible for the air outside to reach the core of the cyclone. Therefore, The Eye is like a tunnel built by clouds, inside which the air almost stands still, the wind also blows gently. Moreover, the air carrying lots of steam that couldn’t get inside has to go up, forming thunderclouds and rain starts pouring. Meanwhile, the air inside the Eye falls down, hence the clear sky and we can even see the moon and stars at night. That is the reason why The Eye is the blissfully peaceful zone of a hurricane.

“The Eye of human life”

Human life is no different from the storm. Once in a while we are faced with such insurmountable hardships and challenges that lead us to the thought of giving up no matter how hard we try. Being surrounded by the hustle and bustle of life and choked with overwhelming emotions, we humans still never stops seeking a peaceful place to rest our tired soul. As we can associate life’s hardships to storms, it’s not possible that we can find ourselves that peaceful place called “The Eye”?

However, the same as the peaceful eye of the storm being concealed by the furious “Eyewall”, we must knock out the walls of troubles, fears, challenges and failure to move forward instead of hiding and waiting for a miracle. When asked what to do if there is only one hour left to solve the vital problem related to his own life, the theoretical physicist Einstein once said “If I had an hour to solve a problem I’d spend 55 minutes thinking about the problem and 5 minutes thinking about solutions. This is the art of finding The Eye that is indispensable to any of us.

It is said that when The Eye is clearly open it will bring nightmare and darkness to human. Nevertheless, once we cross the line, we will come to realize that there is only peace inside The Eye. When we are enough experienced, knowledgeable and brave enough we can find for ourselves a peaceful place whatever trouble is waiting for us. We should always be prepared for the future. Like the storm which keeps moving forward along the way of the outflow, so as to keep our place inside “The Eye Zone” we must not stand still but keep on moving and finding our way.

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